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How to make a Living Room always look Clean & Presentable?

Living room is the area of room for entertaining the friend & family. A living room can also name as the sitting room, lounge or the front room where you like to spend the most of your time now the question is how to make your living room clean & presentable? There are some tips to make your living room clean & presentable

Get everything out of the room that doesn’t belong there

The first step to make your living room clean & presentable is to remove all the unnecessary things from the room. Gather all the laundry, buckets & extra stuff from the room

Put the things that a living room actually Required

Put the things in a living room that it requires a living room usually requires the following things

  • curtains
  • sofas
  • central table
  • seat desk
  • window seat
  • flowers
  • plants
  • TV
  • Showcase
  • Wall decorations
  • Lamps or book shelf

Put all these things in proper manner. These things make a room presentable. Do not add any extra thing to make the room crowdie.

Regular Dusting

Regular dusting is the most important factor to maintain your living room. Do regular dusting of room items like sofas, sitting chairs & desks, decoration pieces, paintings. The dusty furniture gives a very bad impression to the guests. Dust makes the room rough.

Cleaning of floor

Clean the floor of the room regularly if the floor is carpeted then use vacuum for fast cleanings. Listening of music during cleanliness doesn’t make you feel tired.


Walls are one of the most overlooked areas of the living room when it comes to the cleanings. For dirty walls use ¼ cup vinegar & 1 quarter water dilution & apply with a cloth to clean the walls to make the living room clean & presentable. Decorate your room walls with beautiful flowers, stylish lights & unique painting to give a clean & presentable look. Hang out stylish wall clock on the front place of the living room.


If you clean all the room & after that you look to the dirty window that can damped your mood so grab a glass cleaner & clean the glasses of the window to make your living room quite clean & presentable. The clean view of window glasses of room turns the environment of room into a clean & presentable living room where you feel more relax & comfortable.

Plants & Paintings

The presence of plants & paintings are the most key feature to make your living room clean & presentable. The plants & paintings give a natural look & artistic look to the room to freshen the mind but the selection of plants & paintings also matters the plants must be fresh & the painting must be attractive & admirable. Fresh plants & paintings look cool in the sitting room & make it more clean & presentable.

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