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How should you respond to COVID-19 as a small businessman?

No doubt everyone is being suffered due to the pandemic situation of Covid-19 in the country. The virus is spreading rapidly all over Pakistan. Small businesses are facing more as they already have fewer resources to generate income. So the question is how to overcome this issue. There are many ways to continue your business activities. Here you will get some useful solutions to continue your business to generate income. In this diverse situation of COVID-19 everyone is afraid of the current situation. Safety is always the first priority of the public so try to set a safe & healthy environment for your customers. There are so many suggestions to keep you & your client active & safe.

Go Online

The best thing to continue your business during COVID-19 is to go online. Take the orders from the clients online & make home deliveries. This is so easy way to carry on your business affairs. In these days of the internet, everyone is connected with each other. The Internet gives you an easy way to get in touch with your clients. Online business not only helps you to generate income but also keeps you & your clients safe from this threatening disease.
The COVID-19 the outbreak is shaking up the economy at a large scale. According to the current economic situation, it is expected that the business will not return to its normal situation for a long time. However, the customer's behavior can change according to their needs, demands & requirements. Hesitation among the consumers & shopkeepers has seen visibly. So this golden opportunity to start your business online in this diverse situation of COVID-19.

Home Delivery Services

If you are unable to go through online business another solution to continue your business is to give Home deliveries to your valuable clients. This is also very helpful in keeping distance for you & the public's safety from the spread of COVID-19. It will create a relationship of trust & loyalty among your clients as we believe "STAY HOME STAY SAFE". Home delivery service is not only helpful for the small businessman a convenient to the public as well.

Follow the SOP's & Policies Set by the Govt

You can also continue your business by following the SOP's & policies made by the Pakistan's Govt. with this the customers will feel comfortable in buying your products. The objective of SOP's is to ensure the public's safety & prevention of the spread of the virus. The SOP requires the following thing from a small businessman.

  • Ensure proper distancing to avoid the spread of COVID-19
  • The staff should wash hand with soap & water frequently or used Alcohol-based hand sanitizer & ensures the availability of hand sanitizer at the entrance for the customers.
  • It is necessary to sanitize the hands of each customer & check the temperature of the clients to prevent the public from the spread of COVID-19.
  • The customer with cough & flu shouldn't be allowed to enter to ensure the safety of the others
  • All the staff should wear masks the people or customers without masks shouldn't be allowed to enter the stores.
  • Make possible the availability of the gate through to prevent the spread of COVID-19
  • The customers shouldn't touch the surface unnecessarily
  • The staff & the customers should wear gloves to ensure the public's safety.

The proper following of the SOP's will help the small traders & businessmen to win the public's confidence regarding safety & to continue their business as well. These SOP's will also help you to keep yourself safe from the pandemic COVID-19 & Public as well.

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